A film about family, loss, and hope.



Ellie stops at nothing and for nobody as she travels through the seaside town of Barnstable, Massachusetts in search of a mother who has abandoned Ellie and her father. With her father’s car broken-down, Ellie saddles up the family horse and embarks on a journey through the desolate, drug-addled winter landscape only to stumble down the rabbit hole her mother has dug.

“In the Off-Season” explores family and addiction on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, where heroin has wrought havoc amidst massive socio-economic inequality and industrial decline.

A social realist film inspired by Italian cinema and westerns, seeking to shine a light on the gruesome realities of heroin addiction ravaging rural New England.

“In the Off-Season” was written and directed by Benjamin Haven Taylor and is currently seeking distribution and screening opportunities.