Presents Under the Tree

The holidays can be a hard time. I know that kind of runs counter to the whole “spirit of Joy” thing but I feel like a lot of us are faced with some of the trickiest emotional conundra of the year during this stretch of family gatherings. This isn’t an original thought by any means, and I’m not interested in any alarmist pop psychologist statistics about holiday trauma - I just want anybody reading this to know that I’m happy to meet you where you are, be it in the state of relaxation and joy which you so deserve, or in a more anxious or altogether stressful position. I’m here for you either way!

The film around which this blog is centred takes place on Christmas Eve. Fittingly, our kickstarter audience will get to see the film on that very night. The unintentional poetry of the timing of this brings me great holiday joy, but more to the point, I really hope that this film finds you where you are.

None of this is the hard-hitting deliverables news you were hoping for though, so here it is:

-We’ve submitted to ~14 film festivals, mixed between international big ticket events to very local programs

-The final sound mix and colour are locked and mastered

-The feature script is coming to its final drafts

-Kickstarter downloads went out today

As for the team, everybody is doing great. I’ve gotten to see just about everyone this holiday season and can report that they’re all up to really cool things:

-Adam’s latest is a docudrama on BBC iPlayer, find it here.

-Ben Hosking is developing his latest short Better Off. Follow him on socials for updates!

-Cinthia Chen moved to New York recently and is already crazy busy with theatre work! Her live cinema project is still in post.

-Leah McGurk just curated a TEDx event in London. Find the videos here!

-Delia just finished her first semester in college, where she’s been doing lots of plays!

-Ernie has been acting in some pretty killer commercials as well as continuing to develop educational doc projects

With this whole project progressing, I’ve had time to get to know the film really well. I’m pleased (and a little embarrassed) to say that having watched the masters quite recently, I really love it. I hope you will too.

<3 BHT