Updates and Updates

This French artist, Melik Ohanian, won the Duchamp award last year and there was an installation of his at the Pompidou which was all about time. He had photographs of Cesium during its state change, which is the method used to define the metric standard of the second. The literal second that is used as a base unit of time on every clock in the world, he photographed it’s measurement and then played with light so as to warp one’s perception of it. He was able to make physical the phenomena we all know well, that time seems to move quickly at points, and painfully slowly at others.

The past month has been one of those quick times, really quick like a gust of wind on a hot day that is gone before you know it. A friend of mine once told me to express gratitude rather than guilt in any situation in which I was not actively malevolent so suffice it to say, thank you, all of you, for your patience. I’m lucky enough to have been hired to work on a pretty cool documentary which has been in a hectic period of shooting, research, and production. That’s all I’ll say about it, but suffice it to say that things are calming down and I can provide some pretty cool updates on Off Season, where we are, and where we’re goinadag.

First of all, some great announcements.

Sam Slater is currently working on the music. He’s a great musician and you should listen to his stuff and we’re so stoked to have him doing original work for the film. We brought on Tessa Barlow to play a key character off screen and she ended up being critical to the whole movie. We’ve got Jeremy Eisener, our production sound recordist, doing the mix. He’s awesome.  Annie Lye, our BTS photographer and general unsung hero of the film, is doing graphic design and branding materials. She gets the voice of the film despite my having 0 lexicon for design, and it’s already looking great. All of these little things add up to a huge difference in how we finish the film and how the experience is to watch the thing. I’m so stoked to hear Sam’s music, and to see a final master of the film with proper sound and color. I’m stoked for you to see it too.

As for distribution/release, I had a great talk with our best boy electric and friend Tom Faison. Tom’s a great filmmaker and artist whose work you should all know and check out (currently working at the rad as hell Parkway theatre). He articulated well exactly why it was important to me to take this film to festivals, namely, we want to see it with other people! In the room! Cinema, for me, has always been this at its heart, watching something together on the big screen. So we’re gunning for a bunch of festivals, some you may have heard of, some you may not have, and we’re optimistic about our chances. We screened a preliminary cut of the film for a small test group in the end of May, and could not have been more pleased with the reactions. We’re aiming to have the film done and mastered by mid-August for submissions. Once we hear back from those festivals, we’ll have updates for you, but long term the film will be up online (depending on festival programming) after the 2018 circuit. If you’re a kickstarter backer and want to see it, fear not, because private screeners will be inbound to you as soon as they’re ready.

Second of all, I wanted to update you on what our crew have been up to since the film.

Adam Barnett, our DoP, has been signed to Wizzo and Co, a great new agency in the UK! Big ups to Adam. Check out his website where his new feature and promo work can be found. Having known Adam for a bit now, I can say he just keeps getting better.

Cinthia Chen, our production designer, just wrapped production design on a large-scale short film, a period piece, and is returning to Taiwan for a bit before moving to New York. Her live-cinema play about the late Asian-American film star Anna May Wong, is still in development after a sold out performance in the spring.

Benjamin Hosking, our producer, has a new website where you can find information about his latest short and docs. He has been working in production rolls around the Boston area as he preps a new short which should prove to be really cool.

Leah McGurk, producer, is currently producing a slew of new short films in London where she is based, as well as working part time at a movie theatre and curating a TED event at her university.

Delia Cunningham, our lead, just finished a series of readings with her New York-based theatre company G45 Productions, and continues to audition and participate in theatre, film, and TV projects. She’s working on one of the shorts Leah is producing in London this summer, and starting at Northwestern in the fall.

Ernest Anemone, our other lead, just wrapped a new short and continues to audition and work in the Boston area. He’s got a new agent (Andrew Wilson) which is also very exciting!

I’m so damn proud of all these guys and gals. Hire them all.

Third and finally, I just wanted to thank again everyone who has supported the film. It’s so encouraging to welcome you all to our team, whether you donated money to the kickstarter or liked us on Facebook or have kept up with these posts or told a friend about the film, it means the world. I don’t throw that phrase around lightly - for a couple of years of my life now, this film has been the better part of my world, and it’s been an honor and a pleasure to share it with all of you, to bring you on board and see people respond to it.

Alright. I can feel the Cesium liquefying. Will update you all more and more over the course of post.

<3 BHT

PS - Kickstarter backers, surveys went out today! ^_^

Magic, co-star of  Off Season, &nbsp;watches as G&amp;E sets up his beauty light. PC Annie Lye, always.

Magic, co-star of Off Season, watches as G&E sets up his beauty light. PC Annie Lye, always.